John and Edward: X-Factor’s biggest asset?

Whether you love them or you hate them, you have to admit that John and Edward (a.k.a.’Jedward’) are the most popular act in this year’s X-Factor finals. People all over the country talk more about these two than any other contestant in the show. Those who hate them watch the show attentively every Saturday waiting for them to screw a song up, whilst those who support them watch the show waiting for a chance to prove the critics wrong. Every Sunday, the same people watch the results show just to know whether the twins will survive or not. And (so far), survive they did, to the amazement of many.

So, are you still wondering why these guys are still on the show? As stated above, they make people watch the show, and in turn, ITV’s ratings go up, which makes the bosses at ITV happy due to the revenue. Not only do they raise ratings up, I’m pretty sure that the longer they stay in the competition, the more people will vote for other acts just to get them out, which again means more money for the show/network’s big bosses. And when Jedward finally exits the show, it will provide a cathartic feeling to most of us who dislike them, especially for those who begin to question the show’s credibility.

I for one do not like the twins simply because they cannot sing and also because I feel sorry for the other contestants who are more talented than them but got booted off before them. But then again, I will keep on saying this until people get it: X-Factor needs acts like the twins to keep the show interesting in many ways. As Hayley Restall wrote in her blog , X-Factor is NOT JUST a talent show.



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