Fear of death

Recently I learned that  a guy who I used to play sports with passed away due to an aneurysm on his brain. Although I was not particularly close to this person, I was taken aback by how sudden the event was. He was physically fit and there was no indications of any precursors to the event.

This story kept on playing on my mind repeatedly since I have heard it. I have heard many a time that death can come at anytime and in any form, but I never believed it until now. Knowing of my acquaintance’s death, the suicide of Robert Enke (Germany’s goalkeeper) and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s (NBA Star) diagnosis of leukemia made me re-evaluate my outlook in life. I have always been cautious and have always thought more about the future than the present. But from now on, I will try and enjoy the present more and live as if every moment is my last. My aim is to go to sleep every night without any regrets about things that I did not do during the day. Avoid guilt by doing whatever I think is right and settle any disagreements with anyone before the day ends.


One thought on “Fear of death”

  1. that was what exactly happened to me 2 years ago…December a few days before Xmas 2007…when my GP rang me and told me she was really worried of my symptoms…that it might be Multiple Sclerosis…I was not that familiar then with MS as it is not a common disease, so I read more about it…there’s so many questions in my mind…I cried a lot but then I realized that’s it’s not confirm yet anyway…why will I put myself into misery…then I learned to accept it as the symptoms still going on…that if it will happen, so be it…but for the meantime…I will enjoy my life to the fullest with my family while I can…will spend more time with them…I will do whatever I wanna do, that will make me happy and at the same time, will prepare…so far…so good…

    I love you son…

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