My Ibanez JEM 777dy…finally!!!

This is my Steve Vai Ibanez JEM 777dy which I’ve bought just moments ago. For me, this guitar is worth more than what I have paid for it. Ever since I started playing guitar 10 years ago, I wanted to own a Steve Vai guitar. About 6 years ago, I saw a Steve Vai JEM 7v in a guitar shop for the first time and never have thought that I could afford one due to its price. Since I started working, everytime I get my paycheck, I always look for a cheap one of these but I’ve never found one. Until last week.

Although the one I have now is not exactly what I dreamt of having and even though it’s not brand new, I feel that this is so much better. It’s 21 years old, sounds better than a JEM7v, and it has all of my favourite colours!

I’m going to enjoy this guitar for sure but it’s not going out of the house!!!!!


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