LeBron’s not the only one to blame on Cavs’ elimination

As we all know, the Cleveland Cavaliers were yet again eliminated from the playoffs by the veteran Boston team led by Rajon Rondo. The Cavs were expected by many to win this year as they have acquired Shaq and Anthony Parker during the off-season and Antawn Jamison during the late stages of the regular season.

Jamison was acquired to be ‘Bron’s number 2, but his numbers and his play suggest that he’s no Pau Gasol. He was not able to adopt quickly to the Cavs’ way of playing, and hence could not fulfill people’s expectations. Jamison looked like he’d rather go home than play in the playoffs during the Boston series, whcih was very disappointing to Cleveland fans.

Shaq and Parker played OK, but were outsmarted by their opposite numbers in the Celtics. Although Mo Williams showed some flashes of offensive brilliance, he was a no show on the defensive end of the court. The coaching staff looked as though they failed to study the Celtics’ defensive rotation and hence were not able to exploit its holes, probably because they were too busy trying to figure out how to stop Rondo from humiliating them.

As most of us know, LeBron’s elbow is probably worse than what was reported, but by no means should that be an excuse for playing the way he did on game 5. His mental toughness was also in question as Charles Barkley pointed out. He’s the MVP, he’s supposed to be the best ball player in the world, so a bum-bow is not an excuse. Kobe’s probably more hurt than Lebron but does he complain? No.

But Bron-Bron’s not the only one to blame. James’ supporting cast and coaching staff failed to do what their supposed to do. Basketball is a team game. The whole team is to blame.


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