Representation of homosexual men in Philippine music

Recently, I ‘ve been going through my old music library, and I stumbled upon some OPM songs that I used to listen to, again and again. Included in my playlists are some songs that are about homosexual men- The Youth’s Multo Sa Paningin, Allan K’s Boyfriend kong Bading, and Parokya ni Edgar’s This Guy’s In Love With You Pare.

I can’t help but notice the negativity towards gay men in all these songs. Are Pinoys still squeemish about homosexuality? A closer look at Parokya ni Edgar’s This Guy’s In Love WIth You, Pare, would suggest that that’s the case. This song, released in 2004, is about a boy who discovers that his (male) best friend is gay, and has a crush on him. He resorts to not answering his phone, missing school, ang making excuses only to avoid this gay friend of his.

Mainstream music reflects a culture’s ideas, attitudes, and beliefs (yes, even those that rebel against the norm). The songs in this blog have been (and possiby are still) used in playgrounds and social events, to taunt and ostricize homosexual men. I’ve seen this happen since my elementary school days.

It is worrying that even though there are mounting evidence that homosexuality is not a disease, some people still feel negative about it. I think now is the time to start changing this sickenning negativity towards homosexuality. What do you think?



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