New course, new city, new hopes!

I’ve recently moved to Manchester to start my MEd Psychology of Education course. Having moved to a new city, it would have been ideal for us to get to know the city first before anything else but we did not have the time. I started my course two days after we moved and my girlfriend started work a day after.

The city’s fabulous. The architecture is mostly old school but modern buildings an infrastructure are also present. As expected, since there are too mny people, they are not as friendly as those in Abergavenny or Cardiff.

I know I would nit be able to survive without my girlfriend who does everything for me. She keeps me calm and she never complains about anything.

Going back to my course, I feel confident about the workload and the deadlines. I believe that if I keep mu motivation as high as it is now, I would do as well as I am hoping. I just need to keep my head down and maintain my focus.

Things are looking bright and I am definitely looking forward to everything!


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