Weekly Photo Challenge (Big)


My post is an example of how I rarely take things literally. When I found out that this week’s photo challenge theme is BIG, I immediately thought of taking a picture of a disabled sign. I chose this purely because of the enormity of what it represents. To me, it’s not only an indication of a parking space for a car driven by a person with disability, but society’s attempt to accomodate those who are physically and/or mentally challenged. It represents empathy and understanding. Although not relatively new, it still represents a major move forward. Also, since almost, if not all of the disabled car parking spaces that I have seen are right next to the entrance and exits, it represents a positive kind of discrimination since it makes it relatively easier for those with disabilities to park and to access the place/building they want to go to. On the other hand, this sign reminds me of the small minority of people who complain about the very existence of this sign. It’s somewhat hard to accept that at this day and age, people still don’t understand much about disability.


What do you think? What do you feel or think when you see a disabled badge/sign?

What is BIG for you?

6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge (Big)”

  1. I’ll admit, I didn’t appreciate the enormity of the challenged faced by disabled citizens until I tried to use public transit with my baby (in a stroller). Very few of the subway stations have elevators, and escalators aren’t safe for strollers (and obviously are impossible for wheelchairs). And if one of the rare elevators wasn’t working? You’d be faced with going many, many stations away and somehow figuring out a way back above ground. I had to do that and it added a 4 km walk to my day. I’m a healthy and active person and had the time to do so, but if I had true mobility challenges, was elderly or ill? Impossible.

  2. my husband was confined to a wheelchair for 18 months so I can appreciate the challenges of the disabled, he was one, and even though he is able to walk now, we have sympathy and offer help to those in need. THanks for the reminder.

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