Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate



When I hear the word ‘delicate’, I think of something that should be handled with care, looked after, and is easily damaged. In addition, something delicate is considered as such because we do not want to damage or break it as it means a lot to us. Nothing embodies these descriptions more than a child. Children, especially a really young ones absorbs information with lesser skepticism than older ones, which make them delicate. I see every child as a representation of our responsibility to society. We, as adults should nurture, teach, discipline, love them and make them feel secure. We need to make them happy. We need to set a good example in the hope that they would continue what we have started. We cannot control each child’s genetic make-up or natural circumstances, but we must do everything we can to improve their development.

It is also important to keep in mind that as children grow older, they will discover their own ways to improve the world which may go against our beliefs. When this time comes, we must learn to support and trust them.


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