Autism Awareness

This is a personal post. I am fed up with hearing children, adolescents and adults with Autism being called a ‘retard’, ‘dumb’ or ‘stupid’. Despite the work of various charities, researchers, teachers, and advocates, there is still a massive need for us to increase Autism Awareness.

I urge you, my dear readers, to keep an open mind. Learn more about Autism and share what you know with others. Thank you in advance!

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Inspiring People with Autism:

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More on Savants:

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7 thoughts on “I Need AUTISM AWARENESS Because…”

  1. There is also a very nice japanese comic book (manga) focused about a family with an autisic boy and how he grows up from a baby towards an adult. The manga never got finish unfortunately because the artist (who was also the writer) died. The manga gives a lot of information about autism without you having the feeling that you get overwhelmed by it. Of course this is about mostly a heavier form of autism. You can see how some ‘normal’ people react to autistic people, misunderstand them. The manga is called ‘With the Light’ and was created by Keiko Tobe (or if you were to put it in the traditional Japanese way, Tobe Keiko). There are 8 books in total, the first 7 books containing around the 500 pages. The last one never got completely finished so those are around the 250 I guess? I’m not sure since I don’t have that book yet. Don’t let the page numbers scare you away! It tells the story a lot by the drawings. Of course you still have to read, but there is a difference between a normal book and a japanese comic book.
    But it is surely recommended to read this comic by a person who has a light form of autism (and in her 20’s)!

      1. I know you can find it on Amazon 😉 It depends on what part you buy, but the first part costs around the 9,48 dollar (because of a sale I think, since normally it is around the $15). Part 2 right now is $6. But there aren’t that many left of the serie right now and some parts are sold out, but you can also always check eBay. Sometimes it is better to wait since some people ask WAAAYYY too much, especially with sending the books. Paying $40 or more in total for one manga, even that thick, is just not worth it. Better stick around then and wait. =)

  2. im a senior with aspergers and after going to school for several years ive realized autistic kids tend to be bullied more than other people and people dont get what it is ppl hear the word and know the statistics but dont actually understand what its really like to be autistic and i also think they need to learn how to stand up for themselves and tell the bullies to stop or report them to the principal or even the police because bullying is a form of harassment meaning its technically against the law

  3. responding to your picture you posted on who deserves to be called a ‘retard’…. can you tell me anyone, any group of people of any specific population with any specific diagnosed disorder that does deserve to be called a retard?… maybe you should word your dry erase board a little differently next time you are looking for support or awareness for a disorder in such great need of research.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Ree. I appreciate that nobody deserves to be called a ‘retard’, regardless of whether they have a disability or not. It does not, however, negate the fact that a lot of people with Autism are also called ‘retards’ and it needs to stop. I am pointing at the fact that if we raise people’s awareness of Autism (and indeed, other disorders), there could be a chance that others will accept them for who they are and stop using all sorts of negative words.

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