The Sally-Anne Test (Theory Of Mind)

The Sally-Anne test is a psychological test which is used to check a people’s understanding of others’ beliefs and points of views, also known as Theory of Mind. Theory of Mind is important because it allows us to predict what others might say or do in certain situations (Baron-Cohen, Leslie & Frith, 1985). Frith and Frith (2002) proposed that a Theory of Mind deficit may explain the  social and communication difficulties displayed by people with Autism.


Baron-Cohen, S., Leslie, A. & Frith, U. (1985). Does the Autistic child have ‘theory of mind’? Cognition, 21, 37-46.

Frith, U. & Frith, C. (2002). Development and neuropsychology of mentalizing. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 358, 459-473.


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