Quick question for parents of children with Autism

Hi all. I just want to ask you guys a question:

What (if any) would you like to change in your children’s schools? It can be anything from staff’s knowledge/attitude, staff/student ratio, size of classes, physical characteristics of the school, timetables, etc.

I would greatly appreciate your answers. Since I am working w/ kids w/ ASD, I or my school could be doing something we shouldn’t, and I’d like to change whatever we’re doing wrong.



One thought on “Quick question for parents of children with Autism”

  1. Scalability of services will be huge for our family in the near future. If a child is very high functioning and capable of holding his/her own in a regular classroom, but needs the occasional sensory break or other minor accommodation(s), then there should be ways to make those happen. Many kids are intentionally pushed out of IEPs because their issues are not considered significant enough to warrant IEPs/special consideration, yet because they have no IEP, their relatively minor needs are therefore often ignored, and this results in reduced concentration, sensory overload, or other hurdles that over time still hinder their ability to learn effectively.

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