Autism Awareness and Acceptance: Starting Young

When is the best time to start teaching someone about Autism?

How can people best learn about Autism?

Are there any negative consequences of teaching young children about ASD?

The statements above are only a handful of questions I receive everytime I speak about Autism in formal and informal settings. I must say that the feedback that I have gotten since I started writing about ASD has been great. Nevertheless, there are still a lot of unanswered questions about spreading Autism Awareness and Acceptance.

In my opinion, no one can be too young or too old when it comes to learning about Autism. It is hard to deny that learning more about the people around you helps reduce stigma, prejudice and discrimination, which could eventually result to a more harmonious society. Spreading Autism Awareness is a small yet, significant part of making this world a better place. I admit that some information about Autism may be difficult for some people to grasp, for instance, its neurological and genetic aspect. However, being aware of the common symptoms and the ways in which one should interact with people with Autism can and must be taught to everyone.

One of the best ways in which people could learn more about Autism is exposure. The short clip below shows a young child taking care of his uncle (in her own little ways) who is an adult with severe Autism. The clip also shows a scene where the child says that when she grows up, she wants to learn more about Autism. It is a fantastic example of how one is never too young to learn and embrace Autism:



2 thoughts on “Autism Awareness and Acceptance: Starting Young”

  1. If every child was raised to be so accepting and nurturing there would be no hate, bullies or war…..than-you for sharing all of these videos. I show the one with puppies when i give a lecture about animal assistrd therapies, actually its on my website 🙂 barbara at RecyclingOT .com

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