Hear the Silence: A movie about Autism

This film is about a mother’s search for answers about her son’s Autism and Dr. Andrew Wakefield. Let me know what you think of it:


One thought on “Hear the Silence: A movie about Autism”

  1. This movie is exactly what my daughter experienced with her daughter whom I will refer to as only “N”. The father didn’t want his child labeled with a title so refused to allow “N” to be tested. My daughter “went behind his back” as he said and had “N” tested. She was told “N” was autistic but her husband refused to accept it. He acted, and still does act as if he is ashamed of his own child. My daughter has had to fight everything and everyone from her husband, his family, insurance companies, to schools, etc. but refused to give up. “N” is now 20 – a beautiful, absolutely wonderful child. She is non-verbal and has some other limited abilities.

    It’s awful seeing “N’s” father and grandparents treat her as if she is less than deserving of the best in life.

    My advice to any parent is to never give up on your child. You have to be their eyes, ears and, above all else, their voice. An autistic child is one of the most amazing children there is. They are soooo loving.

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