Young girl with ASD kissed her ‘fixed’ cheeseburger




Arianna MacLean, a 7 year-old girl with Autism was so excited when her sister took her to a Chilli’s restaurant last week. She ordered a cheeseburger, fries and a chocolate milk, and was really looking forward to having the meal. But upon the meal’s arrival, Arianna cried and did not touch her burger- her favourite, because it was ‘broken’ as it was cut in half. When her sister asked their waitress, Lauren Wells, for a new burger and explained that Arianna has Autism, Lauren quickly said ‘oh my gosh, I brought you a broken cheeseburger! I’ll get you a new one!’. After Lauren explained to her manager what has happened, the manager went to Arianna’s table and apologised directly to Arianna for bringing her a ‘broken cheeseburger’.

When the new cheeseburger was given to her, Arianna was so delighted she kissed it!



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