Please Support Kevin Healey’s Campaign Against Autism Bullying


Kevin Healey, the UK’s leading campaigner for Autism, has started a campaign against bullying which specifically targets people on the Autism Spectrum. People with Autism are prone to being attacked and bullied in school, playgrounds, workplaces and even in the internet mainly due to other people’s ignorance. The social skills of people with Autism develop differently to those without the condition. It has been documented that some of them find it difficult to find and maintain friendships, which leads to depression and suicide ideation in some cases. This is why Kevin is pushing for a law against bullying people with ASD to be written and passed in England.

Internet trolls also target people with ASD, as evidenced by this facebook page:


…and this fake account of Katie Price’s son, Harvey:



These are undoubtedly, utterly disgusting. It is unacceptable to bully anyone at all. But people without ASD have different coping mechanisms than those with ASD. Effects are heightened in those with Autism partly due to their lack of emotional and social development.

What Can You Do?

  • Educate yourselves and others about the bullying against people with Autism.
  • Spread the word about this campaign. Re-post this article, print out posters from Kevin’s website (CLICK HERE) and distribute them, tell your friends and families about it.
  • Write to your MPs, local newspapers and news channels to get more people on board.

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