Great Expectations: Creating My Day In Advance

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Before I fall asleep every night, I spend about 10-20 minutes visualising what I want to happen the next day. I think about what I want the weather to be (I always prefer dry days), what I will eat, drink, read and write. I also think about how I want my colleagues and students to act, speak and think. Afterwards, I think about how I plan to be, speak, act and react throughout the next day.

Notice that all of what I think of are positive things- I think about what I want and not what I don’t want. I focus on happy endings. I learned about this ‘exercise’ from Rhonda Byrne’s book, The Secret. Regardless of what you think about The Secret and its teachings, this particular exercise is useful as it helps put you in a good mood. Focusing on the positive aspects of life, your wishes and your expectations is definitely better than dwelling on what you want to avoid, what you hate and what you do not want to happen.

Throughout the following day, I evaluate my expectations against reality, not by wanting to prove myself wrong, but by trying to prove myself right. I start by evaluating my actions and thoughts. If I am acting and thinking in a way that benefits myself and others without causing any negativity, I would feel great. If not, then at least I can adjust the way I view things and in turn, I can change the way I act. Afterwards, I focus on others’ behaviours. At the same time, I focus on my interpretation of their behaviours- I try my best to see the bright side of every single behaviour.

I also believe that I have the power to change the way people behave and the way they think, particularly in the classroom. If my students are happy, they’ll behave positively. If I explicitly prasie and reward their positive behaviours, they’ll be happy, and so the cycle goes on.

I am aware that things do not always turn out the way I planned them. But focusing on the positive side of everything certainly helps. In addition, I try my best to succeed- that is, I try my hardest to make my expectations my reality. What’s even more important in this exercise is our ability  to realise that we have the power to improve our days- and lives- at any time!




Thanks for the prompt, Daily Post!

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