All Smiles in the NBA as Donald Sterling Gets Lifetime Ban



The uber-racist LA Clippers team owner Donald Sterling has been issued a lifetime ban by the NBA which prohibits him from entering any team facilities and from attending any team functions. He is also removed from the NBA’s Board of Governors, as well as being fined a maximum 2.5 million USD.

League commisioner Adam Silver also urged the other 29 team owners to force Sterling to sell his club and to remove his rights to remain an NBA team owner. It will not happen as quickly as the whole basketball world would want it, but everyone is hoping that it will happen soon enough.

This controversy and its resolution is a landmark victory not only for the whole basketball world, but for society as a whole. The NBA’s swift investigation and its appropriate delivery of sanctions have shown that racism has no place in sports. In addition, the overwhelming reactions from former and current NBA players, coaches, as well as fans from all over the world shows that majority of society is sick and tired of racial discrimination. We are ready to move on. We all want a society that accepts everyone, regardless of their race.

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