Reason to Believe: Mindfulness (Daily Post)

Are you aware that you are breathing? If so, can you feel each and every breath?

That is enough reason for you to believe that you are alive.

That there is enough energy for you to do something.


You can read this, right? I know you can.

You understand what I am writing (hopefully).

Reading and surfing the net is easy enough for you.

Those are enough reason for you to believe in knowledge- your own knowledge.


You can see and you can move

however minimal, you still can.

Can you hear? Can you communicate (verbal or otherwise)?

If you can, be grateful. Those are enough to believe in yourself.


Pay attention to what you can do;

Not on what you cannot.

You’ll realise how great a person you are.

Believe in yourself, then others will believe in you.


Just remember:

You can. Yes, you!

We all can!




In response to Daily Prompt – Reason To Believe


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