When I was 10

When I was 10 years old, I was convinced I was going to be a professional basketball player when I grow up. I practised everyday for hours on end. I made huge strides in improving my dribbling, shooting and passing skills. I made sure I played against better players each day, and tried my best to beat them. I also remember not being able to sleep after my team lost a game.

Basketball was my life back then. I watched every single basketball game that was on TV. Homeworks, school projects and exams were disregarded and set aside. Lunch and breaktimes were spent playing basketball under the sun. I challenged the best players in my town to one-on-one games (I lost to most of them). I played until I cannot run anymore.

My dream of playing pro-ball ended when I broke both my ankles and tore the ligaments in my shoulder a few years ago. Doctors have advised me to quit basketball but I ignored them. I kept playing for two more years which made my shoulder worse. This forced me to sadly give up my childhood dream.

Although I suffered inside for a long time after that decision, I take solace from the fact that at the age of 10, I was able to focus on a goal. I have done everything that I can to advance and reach my goal. I was determined.

Though I failed to become a professional basketball player, my unparalleled determination and drive to succeed have stayed with me ever since. Nobody can tell me I can’t do something just because it’s too hard.

My pro-ball dream isn’t too far removed from what I do now, which is an educator of young people wigth Special Educational Needs. I enjoy my job as much as I used to enjoy basketball. I inspire other people as much as (I think) I would if I’m playing ball. What’s even better is that I am changing others’ lives much more with my current job than I feel I would ever have as a basketball player.


3 thoughts on “When I was 10”

  1. Good on you for never giving up on a dream, in spite of the obstacles. Keep up the good work inspiring the lives of others 👍

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