(Daily Prompt) Worst Case Scenario: Neither Death nor Pain, but…

They say that the worst thing in life is its end. “If nobody’s out to kill you and if you’re not dying, don’t worry”, I heard someone say once. However, it is not my demise that worries me the most. Neither is not loss of possessions and loved ones.

For me, the worst thing that can happen is when I lose my ability to appreciate life and all its ups and downs. In addition, I also do not want to lose the ability to express my gratitude for everything that have happened, will happen and is happening to me- both good and bad. There is a big difference between living and existing. I’d rather live, experience life and be able to thank the people who have made this world a better place, and those who have made me (and others) better. Life is great as much as it is tough.

I want to live, not just exist.




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