Baggage Check: Broken Bones and Torn Ligaments

We all have complicated histories. When was the last time your past experiences informed a major decision in your life?

As I have written before, I wanted to be a professional basketball player since I was 10 years old. When I was 16 however, I broke each of my ankles twice and on top of that, the ligaments in one of my shoulders were torn in a basketball game. While my body suffered, I developed a significant knack for researching and academic writing- particularly in Psychology. I channeled my frustration through reading and critically analyzing papers just to pass the time (yes, it’s true).

Getting high marks on my exams coincided with my realization that I can no longer pursue my dream to become a basketball player because my body would no longer respond to what my mind wanted it to do. Giving up my childhood dream was as frustrating and depressing as you can imagine. But my academic success- which was a pleasant surprise considering my lackadasical attitude to education during high school- shifted my attention. I decided to pursue a career in education and psychology from then on.

Only now that I am working in the field of education and psychology do I understand and believe the saying that ‘when a door closes, a window opens’.




In response to today’s Daily Prompt: Baggage Check

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