Autism ‘is not just about kids anymore’- Prof. Francesca Happe

A lot of research, news articles and publicity about Autism in the past have focused mostly on children and young people. In recent years, research has focused on the transition to adulthood by people who are on the Autism Spectrum. In her recent article for the CNN, Professor Frnacesca Happe reported on an Autism conference she attended, which focused on the said topic. Researchers have begun to recognise the ever-increasing importance and need for services for adults who are on the spectrum. Numerous research have suggested that the transition from school-age to adulthood can be one of the most challenging times for people with Autism. Prof. Happe also reported findings from Hilda Geurts et al.’s study of 200 adults in the spectrum which indicated that the:

quality of life is lower in adults with autism, and cognitive problems were higher, but in their group of 19- to 78-year-olds, age did not predict these difficulties.

However, some studies have also found that symptoms can be reversed in some cases.

Please note that in the UK, the National Autistic Society (NAS) provides help and advice for individuals with Autism and their families regarding education, employment, general living, support and transitions.

More needs to be done for adults on the spectrum. Children with Autism will grow up to be adults and elderly people with Autism. Support should not stop when they leave school. 



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