The Best Source of Motivation to Get Healthy!

We often hear of people (just like ourselves at times) who put ‘good health’ last of their priorities list. People sometimes say that this is because of work, tight deadlines, money and time. However, people do not often realise that we cannot function very well, if at all, when we are not healthy, and the repercussions are at times catastrophic. Deadlines will not be met if you cannot function well. We may need to take time off work and/ or school, and at times,may spend or lose money.

Still not convinced that you need to put your own health at the top of your list? Try to do this:

1. Write a list of 5-10 most important people in your life right now. Leave a few lines after each name.
2. Against their names, write one to three reasons why your being healthy is important to them.
3. Read the list that you have made everyday.
4. Well, aren’t you gonna act now??!!


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