Daily Prompt – Longing For Gravity

Today’s Daily Prompt asks: You are on a mission to Mars. Because of the length of the journey, you would never be able to return to Earth. What about our Blue Planet will you miss the most?

Rarely do people enjoy change. Whether we are stuck in a rut or having the best time of our lives, we often would rathe rstick to what we know rather than change – for better or for worse. Our brains are lazy. It loves routine and familiarity. New surroundings, a new job, a new person in our lives, a new house, or anything noble causes a little, if not a lot, of anxiety.

This sense of familiarity is what I would miss if ever I would be jettisoned to Mars and would not be able to come back. I do not know much about Mars. Despite having read a few articles and having watched a few documentaries, I still don’t know what to expect. Although, like some others, I would be excited of the prospect of living in a new planet, I would still be very, very nervous.

If I survive a few years in Mars, there will be no doubt that I will get settled and most likely enjoy my new ‘home’. I will become ‘habituated’ with my new surroundings. Then, and only then, will I no longer miss our lovely Blue Planet.




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