Rihanna’s CFDA dress

Music, acting and being beautiful is not enough anymore. A lot of celebrities and wannabes either say, wear or do something controversial. It gets people talking. It doesn’t matter whether you liked what they did or not. All that matters is that you are thinking, talking and writing about them. This I believe is the reasoning behind Rihanna’s latest publicity stunt. In the CFDA’s fashion awards, Rihanna wore a bedazzled, all-revealing dress that, well, revealed almost everything. People (like me) will be talking about this dress for a very long time. Why did she wear it? WIll you say that she was brave or stupid? Was she making a statement, and if so, what was the statement? Do you like the dress? Would she lose or gain fans because of this? Would more and more females wear outfits that are similar to this?

Rihanna is a huge celebrity and fashion icon. People of all ages and sexual orientations adore her all over the world. No doubt that this wardrobe choice will have reached the four corners of the world before I even publish this article. I am very curious as to how this would affect the wardrobe choices of females around the world.

Does it matter if women wear this sort of clothing?

More importantly (for me), to what extent will this change the way boys and men think about women?

Would parents and teachers educate boys better, i.e. make sure that they do not objectify women and treat them as mere sexual objects?

Or would parents and teachers be far more stricter to girls by enforcing hard rules on wardrobe choices because they fear that males (and most of society) will not respect them if they appear ‘slutty’?


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