Lewis Hamilton’s Mind Needs to be Stronger than Ever

(image taken from telegraph.co.uk)

Daniel Ricciardo of Red Bull has won the dramatic 2014 Canadian Grand Prix ahead of Mercedes’ Nico Rosberg and four-time champion Seb Vettel. The win is Ricciardo’s first in the top ranks of motorsport. While he is extremely elated with his result, I suspect that Nico Rosberg is the happiest man in F1 at the moment. Not only has he managed to take second place in an ailing car, he now leads this year’s drivers’ championship race by 22 massive points from his teammate and former champion, Lewis Hamilton.

Rosberg started on pole but Hamilton made a better start, only to be out-smarted by Rosberg in the first corner. As Lewis avoided a collision, he fell to third place behind Vettel. Things started to look better after the second round of pit-stops when Hamilton emerged ahead of Rosberg, but his brakes malfunctioned which forced him to retire. Nico had similar problems but he and his engineers managed the situation better.

If Lewis wants this championship, he needs to keep his head in the right place. He had the lead of the championship prior to the race in Monaco, but he now trails by 22 points. There are 12 more races to go. That’s 325 points up for grabs (double points on the last race). Lewis needs to forget Canada and Monaco pretty quickly and turn his attention to Australia and beyond. All is not lost, as they say. But people, like myself, who have followed Lewis’ career all these years know all too well how volatile he can be. I have noticed how unfortunate events sometimes get the better of him and his racing performance. He needs to control his aggression.

There is no doubt that he will sleep very little tonight, knowing that he could have won this race. But Lewis needs to realise that today’s result was not his fault. He drove superbly, but his car failed. He needs to channel his frustrations into positive energy.

(image taken from racingfanatic.net)

I am a huge Hamilton fan since 2007 and I want to see him win a championship this year. He has the speed, technique and the hunger. He has the car underneath him, but he also have an extremely talented and cerebral teammate who is ahead of him at the moment. Lewis has beaten Nico time after time in the past, and I can tell that Nico is also hungry for success this year. My only concern is Lewis’ mental strength. I wish he could keep his cool, keep his focus, and concertrate on doing the best he can.

Come on Lewis, you can do it!


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