Making Friends and Autism Busking at the Airport

Today’s Daily Prompt asked: You’re at the airport, your flight is delayed for six more hours and none of your electronic devices are working. How do you pass the time?

This could either be the most depressing, exhausting and annoying six+ hours or I could make it fun. Well, if you know me, you know I would pick the latter.

I would make new friends by talking to the other passengers, console them and try to make jokes about the situation. I would talk to parents and their kids, teens, the elderly, and even the airport staff. I’d also make sure that I am hydrated, full and had some sleep.

I’d make the wait even more interesting by Autism-Busking. I’d talk to my new friends about Autism. Educate them more, talk about research and my experiences. It will be a learning experience for all of us.


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