Costa Coffee – My Favourite Writing Space

Today’s Daily PromptWhere do you produce your best writing – at a desk, at the phone, on a noisy cafe? Tell us how the environment affects your creativity.


I do alot of my reading and writing during my breaks and lunch times as I have a fairly busy and active schedule. The school that I am working at for the past few years is very close to a Costa Coffee house which is fairly quiet during lunchtimes. After having some food in school, I run to Costa, order my usual (small americano) and get tucked into a book or get lost in writing one of my blog post. In fact, I write over half of my Master’s thesis in Costa!

Although it is usually very noisy at Costa, I have never been bothered by the noise. I know that the people in there are not there to talk to me and they don’t particularly want to be listened to. This and the fact that I have a time limit of less than half an hour makes me concentrate even more.


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escape from chaos

Dirt Road







the page

the life of T


2 thoughts on “Costa Coffee – My Favourite Writing Space”

  1. I admire this Rai! I cannot write without silence- which proves to be difficult in a work environment…luckily I will be working from home soon!

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