Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic

ibanez steve vai
ibanez steve vai

Pictured above is my very own Ibanez JEM 777dy, which is 25 years old. It has been said that the great Steve VAi used to own (or still owns) a few of these guitars, and this (and other JEMs) have been the model from which he modelled his own line of signature guitars (I could be wrong, of course). Nevertheless, it is a fantastic guitar which I plan to keep forever.

Even though I have only had it for five years, I can tell you that it has stood the test of time. All of the hardwares, wires, pick-ups and paint are all original. I have gigged it many, many times in bars and outdoors, and it still sounds amazing. It stays in tune better than most of my guitars.

(In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic by The Daily Post)

4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic”

  1. What a creative interpretation for this week’s challenge. Not a scratch mark or dent in sight on your Ibanez. You must have been very careful with it, not to mention taken care of it very well over the years. I’m presuming the fretboard is still straight and sturdy too 🙂 Many more happy years with it, and happy gigging.

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