“It’s all because of you!”


Today’s Daily PromptWhat’s the best (or rather, worst) backhanded compliment you’ve ever received? If you can’t think of any — when’s the last time someone paid you a compliment you didn’t actually deserve?

Most of my students’ parents have said to me in the past that ‘my child’s improvements have all been because of your help’. While I am extremely grateful for the compliment, I genuinely feel that I do not deserve it. I believe that children’s development is influenced by a number of factors. In schools, teachers, teaching assistants, lunchtime organisers, bus drivers, security guards, their peers and of course, their parents and care-givers all have a hand in their development. Any improvement- no matter how small or huge- is influenced by a lot of people. Children’s teachers may teach them how to read, but the likelihood of this skill to be learned quickly and retained is influenced by parents’ (and the child’s) efforts to practice and reinforce it.

I always remind families that they – especially the children themselves – are also responsible for the children’s overall development. This gives the students and families a sense of control which they ultimately have. I understand that we as educators have a large role to play in shaping the kids’ futures, I am fully aware that we are only a small piece of the puzzle.


9 thoughts on ““It’s all because of you!””

  1. I agree that it takes a lot of people to educate a child, but please give yourself due credit. Teachers are a Godsend in my opinion, they do their job for the love of it, unlike most other professions these days

    So thank you!!

  2. My partner works in a position similar to yours and feels very much the same way. Good teachers are important and wonderful to have, of course, but it’s a shame that the others involved get so little recognition, especially the children themselves.

    I love what you mention at the end about giving students and families a sense of control. Speaking as someone who grew up with a disability, there’s nothing more important than recognizing that you do have control in some ways, no matter what.

    1. Thank you for your comment and for agreeing with what I’ve written. It should be the aim of every educator to give the students and their families control over their development. Students are in school, in part, to prepare for adult life and a sense of ownership of most of what they do is just what they need.

      Have a great day!

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