It’s a Matter of Autonomy

Today’s Daily PromptIn honor of Labor Day in North America, tell us what’s the one job you could never imagine yourself doing.:

I could easily say that:

Every job is as important as another. How will we cope without people who are doing ‘menial’ jobs? Everyone of us is valuable to our community if we do our jobs right. I guess the last bit of that last sentence is important. If we do our jobs correctly- with dignity and empathically- our society will function better than it is now. We should not be ashamed of our jobs if we are doing it right.

However, any person who cannot exercise his autonomy, i.e. freely choosing his/her job is highly likely to feel disinterested or upset. It is easy to say that most – if not all – jobs are useful and that there is no such thing as a bad job. However, if you are forced into a job (any job), you may end up hating it, especially if you cannot get out of it.


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