Hammertime: Lewis Hamilton is the 2014 Formula 1 Champion

Double-World Champion, Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton has become the 2014 Formula One champion after winning in Abu Dhabi today. He becomes the fourth British F1 driver to win more than one Championship after Graham Hill, Jim Clark and Jackie Stewart.

Lewis started today’s title-decider race brillianly, jumping in front of title rival and team mate Nico Rosberg ahead of the first corner. Nico later had technical issues which made him drop further down the grid, and thus failing to fight for the championship.

Mental Growth

Five months ago after the Canadian Grand Prix, I wrote that Lewis’ mind needs to be stronger than ever if he wanted to win this year’s title. From then on, he won 7 out of 12 races, including 5 straight ones. He overcames adversities and challenges – as evidenced by his performance after the incident at Spa, Belgium.

He has shown tremendous maturity throughout the year which, in my opinion, has been instrumental in his success. Despite being as emotional as he has always been, he has shown that he was able to use negative experiences to fuel his performance in the right way. Although he has taken risks this season, they have been more measured and more under control than what we have seen in the past.

Young Lewis and Young Nico

His relationship with his team mate, Nico Rosberg – much scrutinized by the media – has deteriorated throughout the season, but Lewis was able to keep his mind focused.

Support Network

Undoubtedly, his family, girlfriend, team and friends have helped him keep his focus throughout the year. His close relationship with his dad – which seemed to have been lost over the recent years – has returned. Anthony Hamilton has been a regular sight in Lewis’ garage throughout the year. I am certain that his presence – let alone his advice- has helped.

Let’s not forget THE CAR

The Mighty Silver Arrow

Mercedes Benz has dominated this F1 season, winning a record-breaking 16 grand prix this season, which made Lewis’ job a little easier. This year’s 11-race wins has been the best year of Lewis’ F1 career.

What’s next?

Even though the rest of the teams in the F1 paddock would have plenty of time to improve their cars before next season, I am convinced that Mercedes will still have an edge. It may take at least two years before the rest of the field can catch up on them.

The future looks bright for Lewis. I predict at least two more titles!


One thought on “Hammertime: Lewis Hamilton is the 2014 Formula 1 Champion”

  1. I will never understand how anyone can get excited about formula 1 or indeed any motor sport. As a result of all the hype over the past couple of weeks I thought I would watch todays race. I gave up after 10 minutes absolutely bored rigid.

    I have absolutely no idea how anyone can find this interesting much less exciting. A total bore fest I am afraid. Thank god for the Rugby on BT Sport 🙂 (Y)

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