The Big Book of Compliments

If I were to write a non-academic book, I would write one that is full of compliments. Probably 1,095 compliments – enough for 3 compliments a day for a whole year. Why? Because there’s enough books, articles and blogs that tell you why you’re living you’re life wrongly. I want people to pick up my book, open any page and read something that would make them feel better. How would the blurb go? Like this:

In need of a heartfelt smile? Open this book at any random page, read a few lines, and voila!

[In response to Daily Prompt: BYOB(ookworm)]


3 thoughts on “The Big Book of Compliments”

  1. I have been on your blog for a few short seconds and already love it! The world needs more people like you who want everyone to just feel good about themselves. I am one of pretty much everyone who is a bit unsure about themselves. I would definitely love to read this book. I think you should seriously think about publishing this!

    1. Aww… Thank you for this lovely comment! Sometimes it is helpful to be a bit unsure of yourself, but there are times when we have to look at what we have achieved. I’m sure you’re one of the nicest, kindest person in the world.

      1. Your very welcome! I jump at the chance to compliment other bloggers. Yes that’s so true! Being unsure seems to make the triumphant moments and achievements really seem sweeter. Aww thanks! I wouldn’t exactly say I’m the nicest and best. I’m quite a bit different on my blog and when commenting then in real life. I’m shy, anxious, silly, funny, and a ton more. Everyone has their flaws. Nobody’s perfect.

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