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The Art of Being Less Good at Art

I cannot remember a time in my life when I did not want to go to school. I have always enjoyed reading, writing, and working hard in the classroom – which is probably why I am still in the field of education now! However, I have never been good at – or even enjoyed trying to learn – art. Even though I enjoy making and playing music, my drawing skills have not improved since I learned how to draw ‘stick figures’; my colouring is still a mess, and my imagination when it comes to drawing/painting is very limited. I do enjoy going to art museums as I do appreciate most art pieces, but I still don’t see the point of me trying to develop my skills.

As I grew up, I realised that it is not important to be good at everything. We are all intelligent in our own different ways. This is what I tell to all the students I work with. Yes, we all need to pass our subjects in school, but being less good in some areas does not make us less than those who are.


In response to today’s Daily Prompt: Land of Confusion


Anything and anyone can be used as Mirrors

Today’s Daily PromptYou wake up one morning to a world without mirrors. How does your life — from your everyday routines to your perception of yourself — change?

Not having to look at mirrors everyday may lead many of us, including myself, to rely on other people’s accounts on our looks (‘you have toothpaste on your cheeks’). We may never be able to check for ourselves whether we really have something on our cheeks, or whether our hair looks great. It could also mean that we would stop staring at our own reflections while judging ourselves whether we measure up to society’s idea of what we should look like. Is that a good thing? How would that affect our confidence, if at all? Would we all care?

I must remind you that we never truly see with our own eyes. We see with our beliefs. Our various ideas of what we should look like are shaped by our experiences, our interactions with things and people. Also, anything and anyone can be used as mirrors. We can truly see who we are by looking at the people around us, as most of them would treat us the way we treat them.

Daily Prompt – Great Expeectations

Tell us about one thing (or more) that you promised yourself you’d accomplish by the end of the year. How would you feel once you do? What if you don’t
Daily Post

Here are my goals for this year:
1. Get on the Educational Psychology doctorate programme – my long-time dream and passion
2. Change my lifestyle – better diet and nutrition, and a sustainable exercise regime.
3. Develop and maintain a healthy work/study/play balance
4. Maintain a positive outlook in life
5. Make at least three people smile everyday

How am I doing so far and how am I feeling?
1. I got in, therefore I am happy. Although I believe that this opportunity comes with a ton of responsibilities.
2. I have lost weight and developed a great health plan. I just need to maintain it althroughout my life.
3. This is the holy grail for most people, right? I’m still working on tweaking a thing or two but I’m confident that I’ll get there.
4. I’m mostly happy. Being mindful of what I am doing and feeling certainly helps. Also, having a great support network around me definitely helps a lot!
5. This can be challenging, but making people smile has one of the best rewards- satisfaction and good feeling deep within.
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World Autism Awareness Day: My Own Reflections

Yesterday marked this year’s World Autism Awareness Day. Despite my long-time passion to raise awareness of the condition, yesterday has been my first time to actively participate on WAAD, albeit on a very small part. It has been amazing to see the enormous response from people all over the world. My twitter and WordPress feeds have been full of people’s accounts of how Autism changed their lives. Professionals, family members and individuals who have ASD wrote about their experiences- the good and the bad; the struggles and the triumphs. It has definitely been an enlightening day for me, personally.

Autism Awareness Day also has it’s own critics. These people purposely refused to ‘light it up blue’ mainly because they do not agree with the ideals of Autism Speaks- a charity organisation which endorses WAAD. Autism Speaks has been widely criticized for their ‘scare-mongering’ tactics and their negative portrayal of Autism. Some argue that suh tactics can lead people to fear prople with Autism instead of accept them.

Putting the issue of Autism Speaks aside, there are a lot of positive things that I have learned just from reading people’s stories and opinions yesterday.

1. Autism Awareness is great, but what we really need is Autism Acceptance. Awareness is a huge step, but it’s not the final one. We all need to embrace the fact that a lot of people are living with ASD and we need to do our part to help them.

2. People with Autism have a lot of potentail and can flourish.

3. People around those with ASD should provide support, but they should also learn to back off. Help and teach them to be independent.

4. A lot of people with Autism have shown that they are capable of willing themselves to prove to others that having ASD does not mean the end. Many have become professors, authors, athletes and businessmen, making them the best role models for people the world over.

5. Perhaps the best thing that I have learned is that everyone can do their part, and no one contribution is bigger than another.

The great thing about having Asperger’s is…

The video below is made by a person who has been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome. In it, she lists the many positive aspects of having Asperger’s. It offers a real insight to what it really is like to have the condition. It is an eye-opener for ‘outsiders’, or those who do not have ASD/AS.


I’m a Liebster Award Nominee!

Thank you ever so much to dillydallygirl for nominating me! I must say that I always read her blog and you guys should check it out, too!



Here’s the mechanics for this:

1. Thank the Liebster Blog presenter who nominated you and link back to their blog.
Thanks, Dillydallygirl! 

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1. I am a psychology-nut. Having studied psychology for quite a long time, I always analyse my experences. Always!

2. My dream is to promote Autism Awareness to eliminate the stigma surrounding the condition.

3. I always want to win. Be it the first to get ready or a serious debate, I want to win.

4. I miss being a student. Despite working in education for quite some time now, I still miss being on the other side of the classroom.

5. I love to read, but only non-fiction books. I have only started reading fiction and I find it very hard to get into. It takes me about two weeks to finish a fiction book, whereas it only takes me less than a week to finish a non-fiction one.

6. I am an avid guitar collector. When I was in university, I would skip meals just to buy a guitar!

7. I love The Secret. It helped me reduce my stress levels and it helped me to develop a positive outlook in life.

8. I don’t drink alcohol, but I drink a LOT of coffee.

9. I like being alone most of the time. It gives me time to think and reflect on my day.

10. I am a big fan of the Big Bang Theory. I know almost every line, as I’ve watched every single episode at least 5 times.

11. I want to be a dad soon!


11 Questions from DillyDallyGirl:

1. Link an entry from your blog you’re most proud of.

I am most proud of my article about the parents of individuals with Autism because I feel like these people are not getting enough respect and recognition. Having written this piece, I feel that I have contributed to raising Autism Awareness, whilst giving parents the recognition that they so, so deserve.


2. What’s the wildest thing you’ve done in your life?

Probably when I had an open discussion with my high school’s principal and owner because my friend got expelled. I thought my friend’s expulsion was unfair, so I challenged her in front of other children in our school assembly. I got told off big time, but it was totally worth it!


3. Name 3 dream destinations. Are you close to traveling to these destinations anytime soon?

Spain, Korea and Japan. I’m not quite sure which one I want to go to first, but it all depends on my partner.


4. If you could go on an all-expense paid month-long trip, where would you go and why?

I’d go to the USA and the Philippines, just to speak to people about Autism. I’d love to learn more about the best practices and also what needs to be researched.


5. You’re on a road trip for 10 hours. Your playlist will most likely contain what genre of music / which artists?

John Mayer. Just John Mayer. His songs are so deep, eyt I feel like I can relate to every lyric.


6. Have you ever been to the Philippines? Would you consider visiting this side of SE Asia, and if yes, where would you want to go? For the Filipino bloggers I nominated, what other places in the country would you want to visit?

The next time I’m in the Philippines, I will definitely go to Davao and Cebu. I’ve heard so many things about these places.


7. Name 3 items you’ve recently crossed off of your bucket list.

  • Have a postgraduate degree
  • Acquire a Joe Satriani Ibanez guitar
  • Work in a museum!


8. What’s your guilty pleasure?

Playing computer games and reading.


9. What’s your favorite pick-me-upper place? (Could be a playground, a coffee shop, or just anywhere that makes you feel happy and brings you peace)

Any basketball court. Playing the sport reminds me of my childhood and rekindles my competitive fire.


10. What’s the cheapest bargain you ever scored?

My Ibanez JS1000BTB guitar. Not telling you how much I got it for!;)


11. If any of my entries have caught your attention, care to let me know which one?

Your post about quarter life



  1.  How would you define yourself?
  2. Who is the most important person in your life?
  3. What made you happy today?
  4. What goes through your head when you wake up in the morning?
  5. Are we lucky to be living in this time? How so?
  6. If asked to give three wishes (one for yourself; one for your family; one for the world), what would yours be?
  7. Why do you blog?
  8. Is 2013 shaping up to be what you’ve expected?
  9. What would you like to know about Autism?
  10. How can people’s awareness of Autism be increased?
  11. What is the best article you have read on my blog?




Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate



When I hear the word ‘delicate’, I think of something that should be handled with care, looked after, and is easily damaged. In addition, something delicate is considered as such because we do not want to damage or break it as it means a lot to us. Nothing embodies these descriptions more than a child. Children, especially a really young ones absorbs information with lesser skepticism than older ones, which make them delicate. I see every child as a representation of our responsibility to society. We, as adults should nurture, teach, discipline, love them and make them feel secure. We need to make them happy. We need to set a good example in the hope that they would continue what we have started. We cannot control each child’s genetic make-up or natural circumstances, but we must do everything we can to improve their development.

It is also important to keep in mind that as children grow older, they will discover their own ways to improve the world which may go against our beliefs. When this time comes, we must learn to support and trust them.

Autumn snaps

Having had a busy and stressful few weeks, I felt like I needed a bit of a break to recharge my ‘batteries’. This morning, I’ve decided to get out of the house and walk around Salford Quays (Manchester, England), dragging my partner along.  Since the sun decided to show up today- which is extremely rare here in Manchester, the full colours of Autumn are in display. Needless to say, today was one of the best opportunities to take some photos. Here are some of mine:

Erie Basin:

Let’s take a closer look at those trees:

Here’s my partner, taking a photo of her shoes (for Instagram? You bet!):

The Lowry footbridge, a.k.a. The Millennuim Bridge:

The sun’s rays beaming directly on the Imperial War Museum North:

Salford Quays Basin:

BBC Studios and MediaCityUK:

Seeing these Autumn colours made me feel ready to take on the challenges of the following weeks!