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Katsu Curry Warmth (WPC)

Chicken Katsu Curry

In response to this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Warmth


Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs


Sunshine makes me happy.  Everytime I see the sun shining brightly, especially in places where I don’t expect to see it, somehow inspires me. I tend to have more energy and stay happy for longer.

The picture below was taken in Oslo, Norway- a place where I didn’t expect to see any sunshine particularly at this time of the year.  I took it as a sign of great things to come!
In response to this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs


Weekly Photo Challenge: Endurance (Forbidden City, Beijing)



Beijing, China’s Forbidden City, for me, is one of the embodiment of endurance. It was first built during the MIng Dynasty (1368-1644) and it is still standing. Amazing! 

In response to this week’y Weekly Photo Challenge: Endurance


Weekly Photo Challenge: Adventure (life)

Life is an adventure in itself. It’s the greatest, most challenging adventure there is. Survival, of course is the main goal whether it is your personal survival, that of your genes, species or the world. For me, nothing captures this as much as a portrait of a child (which in this case is my cousin) blissfully playing. 


To what extent would you influence children’s development, i.e. life adventure?


In response to this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Adventure from dailypost

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dialogue

My response to this week’s photo challenge are two pictures that asks each other (and us) ‘who needs more of our attention’? Is it the endangered species or the people who is (possibly) going to die slowly without our help. 

A Giant Panda at Beijing Zoo


What do you think? Who needs more of our help?