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On Manny Pacquiao’s comments about homosexuality and the case for examining our thoughts

Manny Pacquiao was recently dropped by Nike over his remarks about homosexuals (click here for more). Manny reportedly said, amongst other things, that homosexuals are worse than animals..

Any form of discrimination should not be acceptable

Understandably, many people are upset about what the famous boxer has said. I myself am deeply disappointed as he is someone that many people look up to. Although nobody has ever suggested that Manny Pacquiao is an intellectual whose words should be treated as the truth, I fear that because of his status, success and undeniable popularity, his opinions may strengthen the backward beliefs of some and may influence the thinking of some.

I agree that people have the right to have their own opinions. However, I am frustrated when this right is abused. Sure, we are entitled to disagree and think differently from everyone else, but we must never think that another person is a lesser human being just because they are romantically involved with a person of the same sex. This is no different from any other forms of discrimination such as those based on religious and/ or racial grounds. How would Manny feel if he is publicly degraded by someone based on his nationality or religion? Would he be pleased? I think not.

The case for examining our own thoughts and beliefs

I can only ascertain that Manny’s comments are based on his religious beliefs which are passed on to him, perhaps by elders in his community as well as by pastors/priests/preachers. If this is true, this highlights the importance of examining our own thoughts and beliefs. We must ask ourselves the following questions from time to time:

  • ‘Why am I thinking this way?’
  • ‘Why do I believe what I believe?’
  • ‘Are my beliefs detrimental to other people’s lives?’
  • ‘Is what I believe supported by evidence?’
  • ‘Are there any alternative ways of thinking that are supported by better evidence?’
  • ‘How are those evidence collected?’

It is not a bad thing nor is it ever too late,to change our minds based on better quality of evidence. The reason why I am writing this is to explain that although Manny Pacquiao is an influential figure, not only in his country but worldwide, his opinions must be questionned, challenged and opposed. The same goes with the opinions of others who are more ‘powerful’ and have more authority than us.

Please, let us all use our brains.

Supermodel Insecurities and Conceptions of Beauty

Model Cameron Russell’s TED Talk:

A lesson from Big Bang Theory’s Johnny Galecki (Leonard)

Screen shot 2013-03-10 at 20.22.34


The above was Johnny Galecki’s response when he was asked to address the rumours about his sexuality, a few years ago (fast forward the clip below to 4:10). This is definitely the best response I have ever heard from anyone regarding homosexuality. There is so much stigma against being a homosexual, and responses like this can help extinguish them. Johnny’s attitude about homosexuality can be extended to many different things such as one’s race, mental and physical (dis)abilities and socio-economic statuses.

Remember: eing who you are is not a bad thing. It’s others’ attitude towards you that’s the problem!

Love really comes in different ways: The case of Objectum Sexuals

We are all familiar with the common sexual orientations there is: heterosexuality, homosexuality, transgender, bisexuality, etc. Only few have heard of Objectum Sexuality- a term that refers to people’s orientation to love objects. Objectum Sexuals are said to love specific object(s) in an intimate manner. What they feel for objects is similar to the kind of attraction, infatuation and attachment that others may feel to a fellow human being when they are in love. To an eye of a non-objectum sexual, such a relationship may seem one-sided, but most Objectum  Sexuals claim that they feel love in return.

Watch the documentary below to find out more:

For more information on Objectum Sexuality, click HERE