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Man/Corvid/Dolphin Mutant!


If you were one part human, two parts something else – another animal, a plant, an inanimate object – what would the two parts be?

Can I be Wolverine?

Or Professor X?

Or Mystique?

No? Darn!

This prompt got me very excited! After watching the latest installment of X-Men (Days of Future Past), I kept on wondering what it would be like to become a mutant (in X-Men terms). What would I look like? What would my powers be? Why would I be special?

To answer today’s Daily Prompt, I would like to be:

1/3 human because of the way we look and our advanced intellect and our ability to learn and use language;

1/3 Corvid (any Corvid species)- for it’s ability to fly and its impeccable memory, and

1/3 Dolphin (or any sort of fish)- I want to have the ability to stay in the water for long period s of time (and also, I can’t swim in real life)

I still wonder what I would look like, but I guess it doesn’t matter if I have an amazing memory, an ability to stay in the water and all the goodness of being human.

Let me continue this dream privately………….







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