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The Psychology behind Batman

dark knight

What motivates a billionaire like Bruce Wayne to fight crimes and help civilians? Why are we so drawn to this fictional character? As this documentary explains, Batman is both a source of entertainment and a great example of how a man uses his fear as a motivator to help himself and others fight the evil that lurks around the world. As a result of the death of his parents when he was a kid, it is assumed that Bruce learned that everything is temporary including his relationships. He began to take matters into his own hands as soon as he realised that the security that others give him will not last.

The documentary below also discusses the following:

  • The underlying reason for Bruce’s alter-ego, i.e. why Batman?
  • Who is the real person, Batman or Bruce Wayne?
  • Why is Batman the perfect union of the good and evil in all of us?
  • Batman’s interpretation of the law.
  • and more…

Enjoy the documentary: