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I’m very close to completing a significant year of my doctoral training to become a qualified educational psychologist. It is a tough and long journey, but it is worth every sacrifice. I am continually learning ways to enable pupils, parents and teachers to make their situations better.

I enjoy the challenge of this journey. I feel prepared as long as I have my coffee!:D

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Coffee break at The Plan, Cardiff

The Plan in Cardiff, South Wales has some of the most finest coffees, teas and cakes that are relatively cheap. Most of their ingredients are locally produced, too. They serve light bites and also have vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options.

I loved their Coffee and Walnut cake and their fresh Kenyan coffee in a cafetiere.

Kenyan coffee
Moist and decadent coffee and walnut cake
Friendly staff

I loved it there. Please do check it out!

The Plan can be found at the heart of the Morgan Arcade at Cardiff city centre. 

Full address:

The Plan

Morgan Arcade 28-29


CF10 1AF

Tel. no: 02920 398 764

What does Hard Work smell like?

Today’s Prompt: From the yeasty warmth of freshly baked bread to the clean, summery haze of lavender flowers, we all have favorite smells we find particularly comforting. What’s yours? 


In a relatively recent blog post, I have revealed that my favourite writing place is the Costa coffee shop close to the place I work. I have written most of my blog posts and about half of my Master’s thesis there (using an iPhone 4). I have also read countless books and academic articles there while having a cup of coffee during lunchtimes.

An unintended consequence  of this habit has been the development of a stimulus-response bond in my head between the smell of coffee and hard but enjoyable work. I have always adored the smell of great coffee since I started drinking the stimulant. Coffee has always been my companion (aside from my cat) during over-nighters, revision sessions, meetings and Monday mornings. I call it ‘the elixir of my life’!

Costa Coffee – My Favourite Writing Space

Today’s Daily PromptWhere do you produce your best writing – at a desk, at the phone, on a noisy cafe? Tell us how the environment affects your creativity.


I do alot of my reading and writing during my breaks and lunch times as I have a fairly busy and active schedule. The school that I am working at for the past few years is very close to a Costa Coffee house which is fairly quiet during lunchtimes. After having some food in school, I run to Costa, order my usual (small americano) and get tucked into a book or get lost in writing one of my blog post. In fact, I write over half of my Master’s thesis in Costa!

Although it is usually very noisy at Costa, I have never been bothered by the noise. I know that the people in there are not there to talk to me and they don’t particularly want to be listened to. This and the fact that I have a time limit of less than half an hour makes me concentrate even more.


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Great food in Manchester

The people who know the real me needs no introduction to my inclination to eat out more than I should. Here are a few photos of the places I’ve visited with my partner, friends and family over the lat few months:

Simple at Tib Street, Manchester:

Simple is situated at the heart of Manchester, England, although relatively few people know it exists. Although it is known largely due to its cocktails, their food is amazing too. Pictured below are: Chicken and mushroom stuffed chicken, BBQ half-rack ribs and another pic of Chicken and mushroom chicken; Chocolate and peanut butter torte, a blurry glimpse of the bar/restaurant, and my favourite chocolate chip sundae.

Ban di bul:

Ban di bul is a Korean restaurant which is also located in Manchester city centre. It is a rather small and simple restaurant which serves up the best Korean food in the city. Pictured below are: Korean hot and spicy rice cake (ddukbokki), spicy tofu and pork with rice (?), Hite beer, and deep fried pork with Korean sauce and rice (?). I don’t know the Korean names of the two dishes but they tasted great!

Drink Tea Eat Cake:

Drink Tea Eat Cake is a tea and coffee place (again) located in Manchester, England. They serve homemade fairtrade teas, coffees and cakes which begs you to come back for more.

Visit all these amazing places if you can! You won’t regret it! 😉