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Last But Not Least… Dad (Daily Prompt)

In your imaginary award acceptance speech, who’s the very last – and most important – person you thank?

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I genuinely do not know what award I am going to get, but I have been writing and re-writing my acceptance speech since I was about 16. All it includes is a list of people I want to thank. Those people inspired me, criticized me, helped me, challenged me and motivated me. Everyone who had a positive impact in my life – both directly and indirectly – are included. Although I have actually never thought of putting them into a particular order, until I have read today’s Daily Prompt.

As mentioned, a lot of people have helped me throughout the way. But if I were to choose the person who has been (and is still) the most important to me, I would have to choose my dad.

My dad taught me everything from riding a bike to driving a car. I had my first biking accident with my dad, causing multiple CT scans, EEGs and other rather forgettable procedures. I have also damaged a couple of our family’s car, painfully learning that I am NOT Michael Schummacher. Dad also taught me how to be disciplined in school, sports and in life. He taught me when to fight back and when to hold back. He taught me about the importance of maintaining friends, but keeping our family as our first priority. Dad fought for our family from the beginning. He showed me just how much he loved all of us by sacrificing everything, and I mean everything that he has.

My dad has also been an example of how NOT to do things. His friends told me that he was never a great student in school – skipping classes and concentrating on how to impress girls (much more than I did). He does not have a degree because he married young. However, that did not stop him from providing for us. He and mum struggled to put food on our tables. But they did not quit. That’s where I got my toughness from. I saw my dad work hard for us. He instilled in me the belief that one of the only ways to get out of our situation is through my studies. I saw how difficult it was for him because he did not have any decent qualifications. But again, that did not stop him from encouraging me to study. Day after day he told me that I can do it. Even when I did not believe in myself, he carried on praising me and my efforts. 

Even up to this day he continues to inspire me. He has not stopped being a father and I do not think he ever will. I am grateful for everything that he has done for me throughout my life. I know I cannot choose who my parents will be, but if I were given the choice, I will choose him (and my mother) again and again and again.




In response to today’s Daily Prompt: Last But Not Least

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