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If I Ruled the World – Violence Will Be Eliminated (Daily Prompt)

You have been given a superpower to change one law of nature. How would you use it?

When I first saw this prompt, I wanted to write. Post about how I do not want to change anything in world. The world is beautiful enough and I do not want to mess around with the harmony that is life. Yes, we do have nasty diseases and conditions, and yes, we have to face death sooner or later but I do not want to change that.

However, a deeper look into our society forced me to change my mind. We hear about people killing each other, wars being fought which costs the lives of mothers, fathers and children, school shootings, teacher being killed by a student, and recently, 257 girls were kidnapped in Nigeria.

This is what I want to change. If i am given the superpower to change one law of nature, I will eliminate violence and psycho-/sociopathy. I am not going to pretend that I know all of the biological and societal reasons of how one becomes violent, and how I may change it. Although if given the said superpower, I imagine that one snap of my fingers would do the job.

Just imagine a world inhabited by people who are incapable of violence. How safe would we feel? Our fears will not be eliminated completely but it will significantly be lessened. I know that eliminating psycho-/sociopathy and violence would not eliminate all the problems in this world, but it is undoubtedly a great start.
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Just Another Day: Autism (Daily Prompt)

Our days are organized around numerous actions we repeat over and over. What is your favourite daily ritual?




I spend a large amount of my time everyday with children and young people who have Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASC). Autism is characterized by individuals’ difference in social interactions and repetitive and stereotypes interests. Most people with ASC, particularly my students, prefer visual representations, especially visual timetables. Visual timetables help make each school day predictable for people with ASC. By looking at their timetables, each pupil would know what activity they need to do next, and how long it is until home-time!

Visual Timetable for Weekedited-schedules

Putting up my each of my students’ visual timetables is the best daily ‘ritual’ that I have. I love starting the day by helping my students prepare for their day. ‘Timetable-time’ is also a great opportunity for me and my students to casually talk about what they did the night before, what they had for breakfast and what they would do after school. I also make sure that their mood is as positive as it could be by pointing out the exciting lessons and activities of each day.

I love this  ritual more than anything else.

Oh, have I mentioned that I love my job because of my students? Well, I do, and this seemingly simple morning routine is one of the ways that I can make their day better.




In response to today’s Daily Prompt: Just Another Day

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Baggage Check: Broken Bones and Torn Ligaments

We all have complicated histories. When was the last time your past experiences informed a major decision in your life?

As I have written before, I wanted to be a professional basketball player since I was 10 years old. When I was 16 however, I broke each of my ankles twice and on top of that, the ligaments in one of my shoulders were torn in a basketball game. While my body suffered, I developed a significant knack for researching and academic writing- particularly in Psychology. I channeled my frustration through reading and critically analyzing papers just to pass the time (yes, it’s true).

Getting high marks on my exams coincided with my realization that I can no longer pursue my dream to become a basketball player because my body would no longer respond to what my mind wanted it to do. Giving up my childhood dream was as frustrating and depressing as you can imagine. But my academic success- which was a pleasant surprise considering my lackadasical attitude to education during high school- shifted my attention. I decided to pursue a career in education and psychology from then on.

Only now that I am working in the field of education and psychology do I understand and believe the saying that ‘when a door closes, a window opens’.




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Witness Protection (Daily Prompt)

When you do something scary or stressful — bungee jumping, public speaking, etc. — do you prefer to be surrounded by friends or by strangers? Why?

I want to get everything right. I put a lot of pressure on myself to get better at everything each day. As a result, almost everything I do can be very stressful. Luckily, I am surrounded by the most supportive and understanding people in the world- my friends, family, colleagues and students.

Whenever I do something scary or stressful, I want to be surrounded by the people I mentioned above. They make me feel calm by reassuring me. I know that they will still be with me even if I fail. Their presence and support mean the most to me. And for that, I thank them.
In response to the Daily Prompt: Witness Protection

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(Daily Post) Pick Me Up: “Thank You”

What is the one word or phrase that immediately cheers you up as soon as you hear it?

The Daily Post

Hearing the words “THANK YOU” from others means a lot to me and it makes me happy. It shows that others have noticed me and were grateful for my actions and/ or words. It’s even better when I least expect it.

“Thank you” is also nice to hear coming out of my own mouth. I try my best to appreciate and explicitly express my gratitude to everyone who has done or said something nice to me. As much as it makes me feel positive by saying these words, I also like seeing other people’s faces ‘light up’ when they hear me say it.
In response to the Daily Prompt: Pick Me Up

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Rome and Singapore: A Tale of Two Cities (Daily Post)

If I could split my time between two cities and two cities only, I choose…

1. ROME- Because of the food:

and the breath-taking historic sights:


2. Singapore– for its beauty:

DSC_1414and because I want to buy everything at Bugis Street:


I have been to both Singapore and Rome before. I loved the people, the sights, food, travelling within both cities and the different atmosphere they both have.

What would I do if I can spend my time equally between these cities? A lot!

The diversity of the residents in Singapore fascinated me. I’d love to spend more time to observe them and explore the ways in which the migrants’ different cultures affects the country as a whole. In Rome, I would spend my time learning the language, eating the food and exploring the ways in which they have kept their tradition (from cuisine to language and the whole customs).




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(Daily Prompt) Worst Case Scenario: Neither Death nor Pain, but…

They say that the worst thing in life is its end. “If nobody’s out to kill you and if you’re not dying, don’t worry”, I heard someone say once. However, it is not my demise that worries me the most. Neither is not loss of possessions and loved ones.

For me, the worst thing that can happen is when I lose my ability to appreciate life and all its ups and downs. In addition, I also do not want to lose the ability to express my gratitude for everything that have happened, will happen and is happening to me- both good and bad. There is a big difference between living and existing. I’d rather live, experience life and be able to thank the people who have made this world a better place, and those who have made me (and others) better. Life is great as much as it is tough.

I want to live, not just exist.




In response to Daily Prompt: Worst Case Scenario


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Reason to Believe: Mindfulness (Daily Post)

Are you aware that you are breathing? If so, can you feel each and every breath?

That is enough reason for you to believe that you are alive.

That there is enough energy for you to do something.


You can read this, right? I know you can.

You understand what I am writing (hopefully).

Reading and surfing the net is easy enough for you.

Those are enough reason for you to believe in knowledge- your own knowledge.


You can see and you can move

however minimal, you still can.

Can you hear? Can you communicate (verbal or otherwise)?

If you can, be grateful. Those are enough to believe in yourself.


Pay attention to what you can do;

Not on what you cannot.

You’ll realise how great a person you are.

Believe in yourself, then others will believe in you.


Just remember:

You can. Yes, you!

We all can!




In response to Daily Prompt – Reason To Believe