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10 funniest English translations in Beijing

During my travels in Beijing, I have had a hard time with communicating with the locals. I had a very difficult time trying to find my way around the city because the signs were incredibly confusing.

They try their best to communicate with you, which is great. However, there are signs and product labels that were poorly translated to English. Here are the best ones:

10. An incredibly talented artist who can…

Make Your Face

9. Use Google Translate, they say. It will be fine, they say…

Umm… Sure!

8. The best way to tell shoppers that photography is not allowed:

Please don’t.

7. I still don’t get this. I found this gem of a sign in the men’s toilets at Beijing Zoo:

At least it says I am the best!

6. Found in the men’s toilet at The Red Theatre. Not to be taken literally! The floors are slippery. But if you want to slip, do it carefully!

The floors are slippery.

5. A rather confusing I Love Beijing t-shirt

You love WHAT?!?!
Someone who REALLY REALLY loves Beijing

4. Yet another Google Translate gem. This is a postcard, by the way.

Good good study!

3. The ‘No Parking Sign’ sign

Just park somewhere else!

2. Found in a Chinese Medical centre

1. I don’t mind if you don’t find this funny because my water bottle does!

The happiest water bottle in the world!

Lost in Translation

Umm… Wait, what?!

Today’s Daily Prompt: A misused word, a misremembered song lyric, a cream pie that just happened to be there: tell us about a time you (or someone else) said or did something unintentionally funny.

I found this gem of a sign in the men’s toilet at the Red Theatre in Beijing. I guess they’re tryng to tell us that the floors are slippery. I really hope nobody would take this sign literally!

The Cat that wanted a Bowl of Fish Soup but despised Beach Towels

Today’s Daily Prompt: Today, you can write about whatever you want – but your post must include, in whatever role you see fit, a cat, a bowl of soup, and a beach towel.

“Hey human, why did you buy me a beach towel when you know I hate getting wet?! Oy vey! Just get me a bowl of fish soup and get out of my sight!!”


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My Picky Tongue hates Mackerel

Today’s Daily PromptYou have to chose one flavour that your sense of taste will not be able to distinguish. Sweet, sour, bitter, salty, umami, spicy (not a taste per se , but we’re generous): which one do you chose to lose?

I have never liked the taste of mackerel- however it is cooked. I cannot stand it. I am well aware of the benefits of eating different kinds of fish- protein content, healthy oils, etc. But I still cannot stand the distinctive taste of mackerel. It’s not for the lack of trying though. Losing the ability to distinguish its taste is probably the only way for me to eat it!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrasts

I took this photo a few months ago somewhere in Manchester’s city centre. I love the way it highlights the contrast between technological progress and people’s actual needs. It is great to be able to have a hand-held device that allows us to communicate to people anywhere in the world, browse the internet and store a lot of information. However, we must not forget the simple, most basic things in life, such as face to face conversations. We have all seen a group of people out in public places who are more interested in their phones than the people who are with them.

Dear Progress…


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Trick Questions… Hmmmm

Today’s Daily Prompt:

A Pulitzer-Winning reporter is writing an in-depth piece about you. What the three questions you really hope she doesn’t ask you?

This is a hard one as I am as open as anyone. I always feel that I have nothing to hide and I believe that there are only a handful of questions that I would not answer. Anyway, here goes:

These are the three questions I wish the reporter would not ask me:

  1. How do you taste wine in a restaurant? I have been eating out for as long as I can remember and I have always been straight with waiters when they ask me if I would like to taste the wine. I always tell them, “No, thank you. I wouldn’t know what to do anyway!”
  2. In your opinion, what is the best fiction book? I mainly read non-fiction books – I have shelf after shelf of fact-based books, plus a whole lot more in boxes that I refuse to throw or give away (who gets rid of books, anyway?). But I only have a handful of fiction books, as I cannot get into them. I would not be able to give this question a decent response even if I tried.
  3. Which political party do you support? I don’t know. I just don’t. I refuse to follow politics. I refuse to vote. This is because after all these years, it seems that politicians are all the same. So, why bother?

There you go!





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