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On Manny Pacquiao’s comments about homosexuality and the case for examining our thoughts

Manny Pacquiao was recently dropped by Nike over his remarks about homosexuals (click here for more). Manny reportedly said, amongst other things, that homosexuals are worse than animals..

Any form of discrimination should not be acceptable

Understandably, many people are upset about what the famous boxer has said. I myself am deeply disappointed as he is someone that many people look up to. Although nobody has ever suggested that Manny Pacquiao is an intellectual whose words should be treated as the truth, I fear that because of his status, success and undeniable popularity, his opinions may strengthen the backward beliefs of some and may influence the thinking of some.

I agree that people have the right to have their own opinions. However, I am frustrated when this right is abused. Sure, we are entitled to disagree and think differently from everyone else, but we must never think that another person is a lesser human being just because they are romantically involved with a person of the same sex. This is no different from any other forms of discrimination such as those based on religious and/ or racial grounds. How would Manny feel if he is publicly degraded by someone based on his nationality or religion? Would he be pleased? I think not.

The case for examining our own thoughts and beliefs

I can only ascertain that Manny’s comments are based on his religious beliefs which are passed on to him, perhaps by elders in his community as well as by pastors/priests/preachers. If this is true, this highlights the importance of examining our own thoughts and beliefs. We must ask ourselves the following questions from time to time:

  • ‘Why am I thinking this way?’
  • ‘Why do I believe what I believe?’
  • ‘Are my beliefs detrimental to other people’s lives?’
  • ‘Is what I believe supported by evidence?’
  • ‘Are there any alternative ways of thinking that are supported by better evidence?’
  • ‘How are those evidence collected?’

It is not a bad thing nor is it ever too late,to change our minds based on better quality of evidence. The reason why I am writing this is to explain that although Manny Pacquiao is an influential figure, not only in his country but worldwide, his opinions must be questionned, challenged and opposed. The same goes with the opinions of others who are more ‘powerful’ and have more authority than us.

Please, let us all use our brains.


Love comes in many ways

Early this week me and my partner went back to our folks’ house after a month in Manchester. We really were excited to see our siblings and parents, and also our friends. We were spoilt rotten with home cooked meals, hugs and kisses and everything nice. We felt like extremely dependent toddlers again.

On the second day we met up with my partner’s bestfriend, her husband and their baby, along with a very-much-in-love gay couple. This said couple has been together since they were in their teens. While we were all in Starbucks having coffee and chatting, I started observing how these two men interact with one another. I have to admit that besides my curiousity as psychology student, I am curious because I have a narrow mind when it comes to relationships. From all the stories that I’ve read and heard, and the movies that I’ve seen, the most common form of relationship is a heterosexual one. Readers should note that I am not against homosexual relationships- it’s just that I haven’t observed one before.

Let me put things into perspective. I grew up in a country and in the time where homosexuality was seen in a negative light. Although not every homosexuals hide who they really are, they are sometimes made fun of, called the ‘third sex’, some see them as disgusting and should be avoided, and quite a few fathers either disown their gay sons or try to convert them.
As we converse, I noticed how sweet these two men were to each other. They call each other with terms of endearment, they sit together, they make jokes, laugh at their own jokes, and everytime they tell stories, their other half is always included. I have to say that they are a lot more sweeter and more loving than most couples I know. To think that they have been together for 16 years, I have to acknowledge that they have been through a lot of adversities.

It’s rather enlightening to observe these two. They throw every stereotype out of the window. For me, they are a living proof that love comes in many ways. It doesn’t matter who you love, as long as you’re happy.