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Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic

ibanez steve vai
ibanez steve vai

Pictured above is my very own Ibanez JEM 777dy, which is 25 years old. It has been said that the great Steve VAi used to own (or still owns) a few of these guitars, and this (and other JEMs) have been the model from which he modelled his own line of signature guitars (I could be wrong, of course). Nevertheless, it is a fantastic guitar which I plan to keep forever.

Even though I have only had it for five years, I can tell you that it has stood the test of time. All of the hardwares, wires, pick-ups and paint are all original. I have gigged it many, many times in bars and outdoors, and it still sounds amazing. It stays in tune better than most of my guitars.

(In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic by The Daily Post)

The Guitar Man

Today’s Daily Prompt: Do you play an instrument? Is there a musical instrument whose sound you find particularly pleasing? Tell us a story about your experience or relationship with an instrument of your choice.


Aside from my family, friends and students, the only things that I love in this world are my guitars. I love the way each of them sounds and the way I respond to their own distinct qualities. When I plug one in and hit my first note or chord I could transport to any place in the world. They could also change or match my mood. I play my Telecaster when I’m excited or giddy. I play my Stratocaster or my Les Paul when I feel aggresive, angry or anxious. My AS75 (not on the picture) is for days when I’m sad or want to calm down. My RG and JS (again not on the picture) are for when I want to be transported into space. Time flies when I play my guitars.









dirt road












Ibanez Artcore AS73

I bought this guitar about 8-9 months ago due to my obsession with jazz guitar music and BB King, plus I liked how semi-hollow bodied guitars look- even though it made me look smaller when I’m on stage. Originally, I wanted to buy a Gibson 335 but I simply can’t afford it. So I went to about seven music shops in Wales to try out alternatives. I tried several Epiphone guitars, including their take on BB King’s Lucille, and I settled on buying a John Lennon Casino. However, 2 days before I was about to buy the Casino, I stumbled upon a youtube clip that featured the Ibanez AS73. I was fascinated by how good it sounded on the video, and after a few searches online, I found that it costs cheaper than the casino.

Having 3 Ibanez guitars so far back then, I already know how good the quality of their guitars are. Particularly how the neck feels when playing. So I went back to the music stores and tried one. Whilst noodling around, the shopkeeper said that if I bought the particular one that I’m playing right then and there, they’ll give me a 10% discount and a free case. So I did.

Here she is:


I didn’t have to change anything on the guitar apart from the strings- i like 12s on the 6th and 5th, and 10s on the others.

The playability is exactly what you expect with an Ibanez guitar. I feel like I’m playing a super-strat up until the 20th fret-which is pretty good for me. I am able to play fast-picking runs and emotive bends very very easily.

The sound is really good as well. As mentioned, I haven’t changed anything so the pick-ups are still stock. I am planning on replacing them with Seymour Duncan Jazz and JB soon, but don’t get me wrong, the stock pick-ups work really, really well. I play this guitar through a Vox Valvetronix amp set in the AC30 output, without any effects in between. That set-up responds very well with picking dynamics, resonating every note played. With the right amount of overdrive, feedback is not an issue.

The guitar is so versatile, it allows me to play songs from BB King’s catalogue upto AC/DC!

If any of you are thinking of getting a semi-hollow guitar, I suggest you seriously consider the Ibanez AS73 before buying anything else!