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What is more important: you or others?


Be kind to yourself

I’ve learned a very important lesson this week – one that I should have known for a very long time. It’s that IT IS ALRIGHT TO MAKE MISTAKES. I have been hard on myself for most of my life. I always wanted to do the right thing. I never wanted to make unintentional mistakes. Recently, I began to realise that life is a process of learning and growth, and mistakes are part of it. It’s time to embrace my mistakes, learn from them and keep growing.The lessons that I’ve learned from all of my mistakes have helped me to become the person I am now – one that’s better than who I was yesterday, but far from being the best person that I can be.

I wanted to share this to you because I want you to try to be kind to yourself. You need to forgive yourself because if you don’t who will? What matters is what you do after a mistake. Would you learn from it and change your behaviours/thinking? I hope so.

Life’s hard enough. Don’t make it harder!