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Saved By The Bell: Sad Eyes (Daily Post)


Another enjoyable daily prompt!

I’ve been in very very few sticky situations from which I needed to get out of. However, pulling a ‘Puss In Boots Sad Face’ helps a hell of a lot! Why? Because it looks ridiculously funny. Nobody takes pity, but rather they laugh which always breaks the ice.
In reaponse to Daily Prompt: Saved By The Bell

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters

photo 5Haven’t we, as a species, come a long way when it comes to language and writing? The top two pictures are of ancient hieroglyphic letters written thousands of years ago. It fascinating to know that way back then, people have figured out a way to ‘outsource’ their thoughts, and thus improve their memories. Writing gave them (and us) another means of communication and a way to preserve our wisdom for the next generation.

The fact that these items are preserved in a museum and that no one uses hieroglyphics nowadays to communicate shows how much society has changed. Books are also slowly being replaced by electronic books (e-books), letters and fax by emails and text messages. I wonder how many more years we have to wait until we see books on museums?


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Trains, trams and aspirations: what’s the difference?

Every afternoon I take the tram from work to my house. This afternoon, the second tram was more than a half hour late. People were huffing and puffing at the platform complaining to each other about how tired they were and how terrible this occurance was. But yet, they waited. Our faces lit up everytime we hear the sound of a new tram coming our way. Collectively, we sighed after finding out that those trams were not what we wanted.

Some decided to take an alternative transport, while some including myself waited. This got me thinking about life.

We all have dreams and aspirations. We want to get somewhere and most of the time like me and my fellow passengers at that stop, we all have an idea how to get to where we’re going. Much like passenger who’s going to the city centre to pass some time who might decide to go back home if the tram’s cancelled or delayed, people who are uncertain about what they want may abandon a goal after a hurdle.

But what happens if we need to get home and the trams are not running? We find a way to get home, right? We take a bus, a taxi or even walk for miles just to get home. Sometimes we wait a few hours or days. Why? It’s not that we have no choice, it’s because we really want to go home.

The next time you set yourself a goal, ask yourself these: do I really want this? Am I prepared to do whatever it takes and labour how ever long it takes to get there?

Remember, when we are trying to go home, we never ask ourselves whether we can walk 15 or 20 miles. We just do it. So when you set yourself a goal, always think that you’ll achieve it, as long as you really want it!!!