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A Close Encounter With Lions, Meerkats And Many More!

There is one reason why I have not updated my blog recently: I have been travelling around the UK, trying to make the most out this gorgeous weather. (check out my trip to the Lake District HERE)

A few days ago, I visited the Knowsley Safari Park in Prescot, Merseyside. Check out some of the highlights of the place:


Lion and lionesses chillin’
Just watching me drive by
Another one watching
A lioness giving my car a slight brush on its side


More Warnings

What would you do if you see a group of baboons running towards you?


Parent and child

They’re harmless, though. Look at my hitch-hiking friend:



Sun-bathing meerkats



Last but not least, SELFIES!!!!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer Lovin’ at the Lake District

I have just spent the past few days at my current favourite place in the UK: The Lake DIstrict in Cumbria. I have fallen madly in love with the place. I still cannot believe a place as gorgeous as this lays in the heart of England.

I got to chill by the lake:

I spent a few hours staring at this:

The next morning, I went on a 3-mile hike to Orrest Head:

It was worth it. Just look at the view:

I had some time to reflect:

Once I got back down, I went back to the lakes and tried rowing:

I got tired very easily, so I had to put my feet up:

And took a selfie:

Before the night ended, I went on a cruise:

Saw some breath-taking views:

and saw the sunset:


Oh, I almost forgot… I spent the whole time with the most amazing person in the world…

my fiancee:

(In response to this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer Lovin‘)