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Why Spongebob is my new hero

Over the past couple of days, I’ve been watching nothing but Spongebob Squarepants on TV. This is probably the last thing one would like to hear from a twenty-four year-old, but as a psychology graduate, I have my excuses. I was ever so curious as to why everyone, young and old, seems to love this cartoon character.

Upon watching a few episodes, it is easy to see why. It’s bright colours, easy to follow plots, short 10-ish minute, wholesome stories, and likeable and not-so-likeable characters make for a rather child-friendly cartoon programme. But the characteristics of its main protagonist is what makes me want to watch episode after episode if this programme. Here’s why:

1. Spongebob is a very good friend. There’s nothing he wants more than spending his spare time with his best friends Patrick the Jellyfish and Squidward Tentacles. Even though Squidward hates anything and everything around him, and Patrick is of the very limited mental ability, Spongebob still likes them. He doesn’t judge, and he very rarely gets angry.

2. Spongebob loves work. If he’s not hanging out with his friends, Spongebob is flipping Krabby Patties in Mr. Krabb’s Krusty Krabs diner. In fact, he likes working more than being with his friends or doing anything else. He is always on time, he doesn’t complain about his working conditions, he’s good to his boss, and above it all, he is good at his job. He’s so good, in one episode, he competed with Squidward’s burger cooking machine, and defeated it on a speed-cooking competition. Squidward was so embarrassed, he buried his machine on the ground. Also, Spongebob is very proud of what he does, and wears his uniform hat with pride.

3. There’s very few like him in the real world. After reading 1 and 2, one can easily gather that there is very few people in the real world like Spongebob. Very few who accepts and likes their friends for who they are, whilst liking their job as much as Spongebob does. For this, he is my new hero.