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Weekly Photo CHallenge – Extra, Extra

Heaton Park, Manchester

This photo was taken at Heaton Park, Manchester, UK. One may ask where the ‘Extra, Extra’ part is in the picture. The fact is that you cannot directly see it for it is the sun. Yes, the sun. Manchester rarely sees the sun shining in the sky even if it is officially the summer here. Therefore, it is always a pleasant surprise whenever we have bright, sunny, warm days.


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Daily Prompt – The Climate Doesn’t Control You

Daily Prompt asked: The idea that the weather and people’s moods are connected is quite old. Do you agree? If yes, how does the weather affect your mood?

There has been a lot of research that supports the claim that the weather indeed affects people’s moods (but not the other way around). Seasonal Affective Disorder,also known as ‘winter depression’, for instance highlights the correlation that exists between the change in seasons and the changes in some people’s moods (winter = low mood and lack of interest). Having read quite a few research papers around the topic, it is pretty hard to argue against the idea that the weather affects our moods.

However, I argue that we can manage the effects of the weather on us. Sure, rainy days and the bitterly cold and dark winters may initially bring us down. Some of us may get upset when it rains or when it is cold simply because we expect the sun to come out. But we should not get carried away. We need to realise that we do not- and cannot- control the weather, but we can control our reactions to it. Yes, it is disappointing when it rains on the day we booked a bouncy castle for our child’s birthday party, or on the day that we plan to have a barbeque. But what can you do? Blame the heavens? Well, you could, but what good would that do? Instead of slumping and huffing and puffing, we could change our outlook. Change our plans, or even better, have a plan B. Plan ahead and develop  a few alternatives.

We should also cherish the moments when the weather is not the one that we are hoping for because those days will make us treasure the sunny, bright days that will come.

Focus on the things that we can control; not the ones that we cannot.

Life is too short to be disappointed or upset because of the weather.


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