Autism Research

What we know and still don’t know about Autism

How cognitive theories can help us understand Autism

Autism is not just about kids anymore

Atypical reactions to stimuli found in mothers of children with Autism

The Cost of Autism In Britain

Mothers’ Place of Birth and Rates of Autism

Depression, Suicide Ideation and Attempts in people woth Autism

Recent Research offers hope for parents of Autistic Children

Optimum Outcomes for people with Autism

DSM 5 and its implications to ASD diagnosis

Diagnosing Autism: What you need to know

DSM-V and Autism

Mirror Neurons and their roles in language development, learning and Autism

Sally-Ann Test (Theory of Mind; Simon Baron-Cohen)

Having Autism and Being a Psychopath is not the same thing (TED talk by Prof. Baron-Cohen)

People with Autism cna spot inappropriate behaviour but find it difficult to Verbally Explain them


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